hi, there!

I'm Hassan. I'm the CTO and co-founder of respond.io (formerly Rocketbots), a business messaging (SaaS) CRM.

  • I'm living in Kuala Lumpur at the moment.
  • Ethnically, I'm a proud Pashtun, hailing from Pakistan.
  • I've been building stuff for the web for the past 15 years.
  • I enjoy learning new front-end tools and cloud-related technologies.
  • I love hiking and eating cheese omelettes.

About Me

I'm Hassan Ahmed. I happen to be the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of a company called respond.io (formerly known as Rocketbots). It's incorporated in Hong Kong, however, the headquarter is in Kuala Lumpur where I'm currently based.

I'm 28 years of age, and I hail from a fairly conservative part of the world, that is the city of Peshawar.

I've remained a programmer for most of my life. I’ve been coding since I was twelve years old, beginning with the vintage C alongside the primordial Visual Basic 5.0 (and later on 6.0). At that time, I developed a myriad of trifling applications, fortunately, the relics of a few of which can still be found somewhere on CNET Download.com. Soon thereafter, I took to web development and began my journey of learning HTML and a muddle of related thingamajigs, including the quirky JavaScript as well as PHP (Particularly Hard to Program with). I made my first Hello Kitty-themed personal homepage on Yahoo! GeoCities in 2006.

I started doing freelancing work online around 2008, building websites, and sometimes, desktop apps too. Back then, in a world destitute of Fiverr or PeoplePerHour, forums.digitalpoint.com served as a haven for freelancers (or me at least), and for a long time I picked up projects from there.

I studied Computer Engineering at NUST (which is one of the highest-ranking universities in Pakistan) for a short period of two years. I broke into the university’s central ERP database, along with the faculty computers. It wasn't until my third year that the management caught onto me. Luckily, I was only withdrawn, but only after a long-drawn-out dramatic episode. It didn't really end that bad for me (overall), but still, the incident proved to be a critical turning point in my life!

It had started during my first month at the university when I wrote a basic program for fun. The objective was to block Torrents on the local systems of the students in my dorm. It was seemingly a rather harmless prank, but as it so happened, it was also my first attempt at creating something of a virus, so to speak. The program worked, and it spread beautifully! Being exhilarated from the exciting results of my experiment, my sense of direction in coding - from then on - was guided solely by my curiosity; a curiosity to find the limits of what possibilities could be opened simply by writing some piece of code. I learned things like how to code viruses and keyloggers, password cracking, session hijacking, SQL injections, SMS spoofing, and other such topics. My final "achievement" was the invention of a custom undetectable HTTP-based (trojan) virus that was also a proud brainchild of mine. It even had a nice, web-based interface, and it was notoriously named as KMA (short for Kiss My Ass). Fun times!

I worked at the Center for Advanced Research in Engineering (CARE) in the field of Information Security before I started over again with my bachelor's degree (this time in Computer Science). CARE is known for providing research-based technological solutions to clients like Pakistan’s Military, and Intelligence.

I was briefly involved in research-based activities as well, namely in the field of Inter-Vehicular Communication Systems, using an open-source simulation framework called Veins, which I've long forgotten about now. If I wasn't an entrepreneur, I'd probably have pursued research instead!

Personality-wise, I’m an indecisive introvert who’s obsessed with perfectionism (I've made some progress here recently, on both fronts). I am deeply interested in the study of anthropology, social psychology and history of civilizations, and to a lesser extent, philosophy. I love watching movies, and I’m enamored of Asian cinema, especially Korean. I have so far watched a dozen of Korean dramas, a fact which consequently enticed me to learn the Korean language. My name is written in Hangul as 핫산 아흐마드.

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